How Should I Pay Myself As A Business Owner

  Most Common Types of Businesses In the United States
Believe it or not, some of my business clients have no idea what type of business entity they are, so this assignment shouldn't sound crazy if you are a business owner that knows what type of entity your business is formed under. Here is your assignment!! Find out what type of business entity you are. Watch the video associated with your business type. Are you paying yourself correctly? If you are, good for you. If you are not paying yourself correctly, contact your accountant for help and advice. You may need to either change the way you are paying yourself to fit your entity type or change your entity type to fit the way you would prefer to pay yourself as long as the new entity type corresponds with your businesses long-term goals. Please read the attached leaflet "Business Entity Pros and Cons" before you make the decision to change your entity type. Leave me a message to let me know what you found out.

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