How To Upload Your Salons Chart of Account Into Quickbooks Online

A businesses Chart of Accounts is the lifeblood and the backbone of the businesses accounting and bookkeeping system. This short video shows you how to upload a list of accounts into your QuickBooks Online software. I have created a spreadsheet which you will download. The list of accounts within the spreadsheet is specific to hair stylists anyone in the hair salons business.


How To Upload Your Salons Chart of Accounts To QuickBooks Online

Chart of Accounts Spreadsheet


Desarie Anderson

My Name is Desarie, and I am a Certified Public Accountant located in the Atlanta area.

I am also a former salon owner and licensed hair stylists with over 19 years experience in the beauty industry.  So I am very familiar with the industry as a whole. 

I help beauty industry professionals set up and run their accounting systems, solve any IRS or state tax issues they may be facing including IRS and state tax audit cases.

I also help salon owners better understand how their business is performing financially while preparing them to become more profitable.