Getting Started With QuickBooks Online - A Broad Overview

In this class, we will be looking at a general overview of Quickbooks Online (QBO). You will learn the capabilities and features of the software. We will not be digging deep into how to use each function to create transactions, but we will learn the functionality and task that QBO is capable of achieving. I will be releasing a series of future classes that delve deeper into how to record transactions, create reports, set up lists and much more. QBO is a powerful tool that works great for small to medium size businesses This class will provide a broad overview of the software.




Desarie Anderson

My Name is Desarie, and I am a Certified Public Accountant located in the Atlanta area.

I help businesses set up and run their accounting systems, solve any IRS or state tax issues they may be facing including IRS and state tax audit cases.


I also help business owners better understand how their business is performing financially while helping them to become more profitable.